Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweet Way to Start the Day...

I'm trying to become more organic and home-made with the body products I use. I've also been reminded from various sources that regular exfoliation is good to increase cell turnover and keep your skin young-looking, as well as the importance of moisturization to that same end.
Corrie’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub
I found this recipe for a home made brown sugar scrub, and I have given it a try.
I think its worth it, but having done it once now, I would make a few adjustments. Next time I make it I will use Coconut Oil instead of Olive oil. And I will use about a 1/4 more brown sugar than this recipe calls for. As it sits during the day and over time, the sugar does start to dissolve just a bit, and the sugar and oil separate. You have to re-mix every morning with your fingers, as the oil has surfaced and the sugar is dense at the bottom of the container. I've added more sugar to my batch since I first made it, and this has helped a bit. And I do love the added vanilla extract that the recipe calls for, it makes it smell so yummy. I bet it will be even better with the coconut oil.
And a tip about the Vitamin E: I saved myself the trouble and mess of cutting open capsules and instead just used a little bottle of Vitamin E Oil. We had some generic brand already on hand, but I just found this one by Burt's Bees and I bet it would be great in the Sugar Scrub recipe (I'd leave out the vanilla if using this.)
One thing to be careful of: the oil can leave a bit of a film on the surface of your shower, so it can be slippery. I spray the shower down when I get out with a cleaning mist to help cut the film between showers. I actually have a cleaner shower now as a consequence.
This is a home-made beauty product I will definitely continue to make.

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