Monday, September 17, 2012

Dreaming of the Loo...

It's funny how our daydreams change as our lift changes. 10 years ago I was day-dreaming about walking the red carpet in a designer gown, posing for photographers, on my way in to the Academy Awards. Now I day-dream about my ideal bathroom (or any room, for that matter.)
This weekend I spent the good part of a day cleaning the nooks and crannies of my master bath. This type of deep clean was long over due, and while I am happy with the results, its still not the bathroom I want. As a renter you're basically stuck with what you have. I'm trying to figure out some decor/design changes I can make that will pacify me until we can move and buy a place I can customize.

This website fuels my daydreams. I could spend hours here.
I like pretty much everything about this one (that is assuming there is more storage somewhere that I can't see in this shot.)
Have always been a fan of the browns/blues color scheme.
Like the double shower curtains, and even this color scheme. Never would have thought of this.
Like the dark with the grey, and the glass tile backsplash.

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