Thursday, September 20, 2012

Currently Craving....

Yesterday when I was getting out of the car at home from work, one of my neighbors walking their dog asked me, "Are you a lawyer?" I smiled and said, "No, not yet. But I'm in law school."

"Oh," they replied, "Because you look like one."

I laughed. I'm not sure what about yesterday's outfit was particularly lawyer-ly - a pencil skirt and blouse can be any professional occupation - but I was flattered. For a moment. Then I thought about it and I don't want to LOOK like a lawyer, LOL! I used to get asked if I was a model (I'm tall and slender, and I THOUGHT fashionable). Things have changed, I guess. But I can still dress appropriately for my future profession without "looking" like a lawyer.

So here's some things I'm craving for their professional quality AND fashionability:
Zara Vamp Heel
Mango Two Tone Knit Dress
Halogen Outfit - Nordstrom
zara green dress
Zoe Ankle Pants in Metallic Jacquard - Loft
The Christie Flare Pant - Victoria's Secret

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