Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fashion for home...

I think pretty much anyone interested in affordable fashion knows about Zara.  A spanish company that is big in Europe and for a long time was only available on the east coast here in the states, finally opened stores in the west a couple years ago, and started online sales even more recently than that.  What wasn't available in the west coast stores or online was their home department.  I had heard tales of how wonderful it was, but unfortunately don't make it to the east coast often (ok, like hardly ever) and had never experienced their offerings for myself.
Until this past summer, when my husband and I went on vacation to Spain, Barcelona to be specific.  There we visited the largest Zara I'd ever seen (logically, as Spain is the company's home country) and I got to explore the home department.  Such chic things, but nothing I could really buy because I had no way of getting it home (and shipping costs would have defeated the savings of buying it there.)
So, imagine my excitement to get an email yesterday that ZaraHome is now available online!  
They're offering items for the bedroom, bathroom, tableware, living room, accessories, basics and even kids.  And they're offering free shipping during the month of October (I hope they keep that up.) You can see their lookbook here.
Here are some items that have me excited:
Wintergarden Mirror - $79.90
Love the detailed carved frame
Vibrant Pillo - $49.90
Great colors to brighten up the sofa
Lasse Bookends - $35.90
An elegant sculputal accessory to the bookshelves
Beny Tray - $59.90
Hollywood Regency feel to the bathroom counter

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