Friday, October 5, 2012

Currently Craving....

Clearly I'm not the only one!  If I had my Pinterest items in my actual closet, I would have no problem getting dressed every day.  Remember in the movie Clueless, with Alicia Silverstone, her character Cher had that computer program that would put outfits together for her? That's what Pinterest is for me ('cept I don't actually have most of the clothes in my pins!) Oh well. That just makes it more of a goal board.

Here are some items I'm wishing were actually in my closet and not just my computer:

ASOS Metal Handle Fold-Over Clutch - Good size in a neutral color.  Can be dressed up or down. Can't beat that.

River Island Futuristic Print Dress - I like mini skirt dresses with long sleeve.  I feel like the best look, unless you're on vacation somewhere tropical, is show either legs or arms, and not most of both.  Dress up with stilettos, or more casual with ankle boots.  My fear for me is that this would be just too short on me.

Burnished Chain Necklace - I don't like to spend much on statement pieces because I don't wear them very often.

Topshop Rhinestone Trim Sweater - in theory the weather is cooling. This would be cute with jeans, or with a pencil skirt. No jewelry needed.

Bomber in Rose Jacquard - more fun than solids, and can be dressed up or down.

KORS Michael Kors Atherton - Love pretty much anything Michael Kors. Love that these are on sale!

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