Monday, October 8, 2012

Battling the dimples...

While it seems like the beauty industry emphasizes being as skinny as possible, there is no doubt that women are supposed to have a level of body fat for good health.  Women's bodies are designed to bring life into the world, and healthy fat is required for that. The frustrating part is that we can't control where and how that fat is stored (I'd happily carry around a bit more if it meant I needed to buy a bigger cup size! LOL) For most women, it tends to be carried in their hips and thighs.  And with that comes the dreaded cellulite.

Obviously keeping at a healthy weight and keeping toned muscles helps with the distribution and the dimpling, but fitness experts will agree that we can't "spot burn" the fat on just our hips and thighs when working out.  Cosmetic procedures are constantly evolving to provide less invasive options for spot treatment (versus the painful-looking liposuction procedure), but any of those treatments take a toll on the pocket book.

I have a cheap little routine that I use daily that, in conjunction with eating healthy and working out daily, I do believe is keeping the dimpling to a minimum.
First, I use Nivea Firming Cellulite Serum every morning after my shower on my hips and thighs. I think it has a light, fresh fragrance and absorbes well.  I first saw it used by some models during a behind the scenes segment at a NY Fashion Week show, and they were raving about it. (It wasn't a segment sponsored by Nivea, so there didn't appear to be an alterior motive for talking about the product.) I've seen it reccomended other places, and if it works at all, for the price, its worth it to me. 

The next step, which I think has the bigger effect, is rolling out my trouble spots daily.  I know you're thinking "What?" I was first introduced to foam rollers at my gym, where I would see people rolling their backs out with them, and doing stretchs.  My gym has these black ones:
Then I read in a fitness magazine that reccommended rolling out the muscle area you wanted to work out before and after you did the workout, as this would cause an increase in blood flow to that targeted area and would help those muscles be engaged. Basically the closest you can get to spot burning an area.  I also saw a special on a non-invasive cellulite treatment where the machine basically massaged the area to loosen the fat cells to help them flush out in your system.  Well guess what you can do with the foam roller?!! The same thing! (Read here "How Foam Roller Exercises Reduce Cellulite") 
This orange one is the kind I have at home, as its small (good for storage) and firm (I like it firmer rather than softer), and the texture adds extra massage.  I roll my hips and thighs everyday, a few minutes on each side.  I think it feels good, like a not-too-deep massage, and I roll my back too.  I honestly think this makes a differece, especially since I spend the bulk of my day sitting at my desk and in class.  All that sitting plus gravity makes for a flat tushie, and I feel like I roll things back in to place with this thing.  This doesn't take the place of lunges and cardio, but added to my routine, I honestly think it makes a difference.

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