Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter leopard...

This week has been cold for LA again. I say again, because we were having a cold wave (opposite of heat wave?) for several weeks in January and it was all anyone could talk about. Jimmy Kimmel did a recap:

Shortly after Jimmy's segment, we had a random heat wave, with a week of 70+ degree days, and weekends by the pool in January. The kind of weather the rest of the country envies us for.  But it only lasted about a week and a half, and now in to February and its back to "winter weather".  So back to the "winter" attire, which for Angelenos just means layers.

Here's what worked for me this week. (Again, I apologize for the shoddy image quality. It will get better, I promise.)

Blazer: Tahari (old) // Top: J. Crew // Bottoms: Gap (old) // Boots: (old) // Scarf: Zara
You can never go wrong with a blazer. A blazer can be professional and casual all at once. And especially here in LA, 'dressed up' for business is a blazer and jeans. Here I did all black (can never go wrong with that either), knee high boots, a winter white blazer and my leopard scarf for color and interest.  Comfortable and chic, my daily goal.

Necklace: Mango

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