Monday, February 25, 2013

Be our guest....

What kind of fashion blog would I be if I didn't do a post today about the Oscars? Did you watch? I have to say, about the show, that I liked Seth McFarland as a host. I felt like his humor was just enough and mostly non-offensive, and the intro was a performance that actually made the show a Show, and it was great to see all the other actors that participated performing with him. But of course, the real reason anyone watchs is the fashion. Who is wearing what. Here are some of my faves and least faves, from the Oscars and the after parties.

HIT: Halle Berry in Armani Prive - Sometimes its hard to tell if someone looks gorgeous because of how they are put together, or if they are gorgeous just because they are gorgeous. I think Halle is both. She looks gorgeous in street clothes, so here she looks like a movie star.  She said she wanted to go to the awards looking like a Bond girl, and this is what they made for her.  Unique and flattering, just enough skin.

HIT: Charlize Theron in Dior - she looks stunning, though I think you could put her in a burlap sack and she'd look stunning.  Actually, the dress itself is kind of boring, but as a complete package (I love that she can wear hair like that) she looks like a movie star.

HIT: Nicole Kidman in Elie Saab - This picture doesn't do her hair and makeup justice, but Nicole looked flawless last night. I read somewhere that this dress looked like liquid, and it really did. I want to know what undergarments she was wearing, b/c her figure was flawless.
HIT: Lily Colins in Zuhair Murad - I don't know what the front looked like, but from the back everything works: the hair the dress, the earrings.  Love the color on her.

HIT: Stacy Kiebler in Naeem Khan - she looked amazing in this dress, there's just nothing I can say.  It looked amazing in high-def on my TV, and it photographs well too.  Not a huge fan of the hair, but it's not bad.
HIT: Adele in Jenny Packham - she knows what works for her, and she sticks with it.  Its not an adventurous look, but its glamourous and looks elegant.
HIT: Kerry Washington in Miu Miu - great color on her, the look was very her. I think I would have rather the skirt been more of a fishtail instead of straight, but that's just me being picky.
Almost FAVE:  Jennifer Aniston in Valentino - a great movie star gown.  Love the red on her, bored with her hair.  She looks like herself, and looks comfortable (and since she was just there as a presenter, I know the night wasn't about her.) My only complaint really is the hair, which doesn't even look bad, so I'll stop now.
Almost FAVE:  Jessica Chastain in Georgio Armani - She is so pretty, and this dress is gorgeous and fits her great, but I'm just not a fan of the color on her.  Its not bad, but its so close to her skin tone.  She is fair with that gorgouse red hair, I prefer her when she wears bold colors.
Almost FAVE:  Anne Hathaway in Prada - again, not a fan of the color, and from the front looked like a formal dress I wore to a high school dance in the 90s.  The back was indeed more interesting, and I like that she wore the necklace longer in the back, but again, with her fair skin I like her in bolder colors.
NOT FAVE:  Melissa McCarthy in David Meister - I like Melissa,. but don't think the dress fit is the most flattering.  I think she looks good in the grey, but there are better dresses for her shape (see Octavia Spencer and Queen Latifa, below.)
HIT: Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli Couture - great color that showed of her figure, and I'm glad she chose long sleeves, on her the most flattering.  The sleek hair looks great with the flashy dress.
HIT: Jane Fonda in Versace - She just looks fabulous.  The color is great on her, the fit, her hair. She looks great. I want to look that good when I grow up.
MISS: Helen Hunt in H&M - I'm only saying miss because the fabric got too wrinkly.  I love that she was in a mall store dress, and it was a great color and looked appropriate, if not a little boring.  She added great jewels, and her hair is perfect though.
HIT: Catherine Zeta-Jones in Zuhair Murad and Michael Douglas - They are Hollywood royalty, and they look the part.  Her dress wouldn't have worked on most, but on her it seems right.
HIT: Kristin Chenoweth in Tony Ward - in photos she looks great. I watched her hosting on ABC for a bit and I didn't think live she looked as good. Her hair was too tight and her makeup too dark. But here she looks great. The dress is fun (I think Zooey's dress could have taken a cue from the style of the neck/sleeves on this one.)
MISS: Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra - Her dress is actually a hit, I think it's lovely. But what's with her hair?  She looks so sloppy.  I actually never like Kristen on the red carpet or on stage or anything live. She always looks unhappy or uncomfortable.  Get used to it, its the life you chose.
MISS: Maria Menuous in Romona Keveza - I went back and forth on this one. The dress fits her perfectly, so that's a plus, and the color does look good on her, another plus, but for this even I don't actually like the color, and I think her hair is too high on top.  But the overall volume of the hair was a good choice to balance the bottom of the dress.
HIT: Marcia Gay Harden in David Meister - love her in red. This dress looked age appropriate yet still young and fresh.  I like the detailing on the sleves, and her hair looks pretty. 
HIT: Norah Jones in Tadashi Shoji - love the dress and makeup, not sure about the hair.  I'd like to see it still up, but not so high on her head.  And I wish she'd stand up straighter and look a little happier.
HIT: Queen Latifa in Badgely Mischka - she looks great.  The dress looks comfortable and is flattering. 
MISS: Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen - not loving the high neck on this on her.  And her hair is piled so high and big, she looks like a bobblehead.  The detailing of the high neck is gorgeous, especially against the black, and her make-up looks great, I just think all together too extreme.
MISS: Heidi Klum in Julien Macdonald - love the gold on her, but the boobage is just too much. 
MISS: Miranda Kerr in Valentino - she is so gorgeous, hair and make-up are a hit, but the dress looks too matronly.  It's a pretty dress, but I'd rather it be on Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep.
MISS: Zooey Deschanel in Valentino - 95% of the dress works: the color is good on her, it's pretty and wimsical like she tends to be. I'm just not loving the long sleeves. They make the dress look too big and frumpy.  I would have made the dress sleeveless, but even short sleeves would have been better.
HIT: Nina Dobrev in Naeem Khan - the patter is elegant and modern, the fit is amazing.  Her hair and make-up are perfect for the look.
HIT: Miley Cyrus in Azzaro - not a big fan of her short cut, but it works well with this dress. I'm a fan of low, interesting backs, and this looks good on her.
MISS: Natalie Portman in Dior - looks comfortable, but not all that pretty.  Her hair and make-up look flawless, and I love the green earrings with the black and white, but this just looks like a curtain.  She is too lovely to wear a curtain.

HIT: Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen - this could be a situation where since she is so fair and the dress color so pale that it washed her out, but her hair is a bit darker than usual and everything is so balanced, I think she looks great.  The dress is lovely.

HIT, HIT, HIT!: Jennifer Garner in Gucci and Ben Affleck - they get an extra big picture becuase they were the King and Queen of the night.  She looked amazing, great color and perfect accessories, hair and makeup.  Ben looked very handsome. They are a glamourous Hollywood couple that still seems so down to earth.  Love them.
MISS: Brandy Glanville in her own creation - why she was there in the first place, I don't know. Her dress is apparently self designed, and I actually like it, but on her its not good. She looks like if she moves, her boobs might pop out (then Seth could have added her to his boob song.)  It would have been better on someone like Natalie Portman.

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