Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mahalo Kauai....

Kauai is one of my husband's and my favorite places to vacation.  We're not that hugely world traveled, so there may be other places I like just as much if not more, but Kauai will always be special to us because it was where we honeymooned.  We've been back two times since, this last time being just this past week, over the MLKJr holiday weekend, Wednesday through Monday.  Flying from Los Angeles, one of the closest departure points on the mainland, its not too bad a flight, though there aren't enough non-stop directly to Kauai.  We had to change planes in Honolulu, and while not a long layover, it still makes the trip several hours longer, cutting in to our day on the island. Oh well.

Here are some images from my trip, Instagram-style. Instagram

If you've never been to Kauai before, I highly recommend you get the Blue Book. There is no better tour/guide book.  We were told about it before our first trip and gifted it for our wedding, and we have taken it every time and loaned it to everyone we know that has gone since, and everyone loves it.  It has a review of every business, big and small, with no agenda other than the what's worth your time and money as a visitor to the island.  It has local favorites, that you may not have thought to try just by driving by, as well as the more commercial spots.  We tried multiple places that are now our favorites, specifically because of the book.

For your next trip, some recommendations:

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