Monday, January 28, 2013

Yum-fort food....

Lulu's Soup
I spent an hour or so at the end of my weekend making some yum-fort (aka yummy comfort) food to eat throughout the week. Yummy, but still pretty healthy.  Broccoli cheddar soup is one of my favorite chowder-y soups, and I found this recipe by Lulu the Baker, and it looked yummy.  It makes way too much for just one meal, so its perfect for a few days of easy lunches or dinners.  Plus, the weather in LA has been a bit cool this winter (minus the freak heat wave we had last week), and a good soup on a cold night always hits the spot.

The recipe is pretty easy, its really the prep that takes the most time. All the chopping and grating.  And onion cutting tip: if you, like me, go running out of the kitchen blinded by the tears cutting an onion causes, put your onion in the freezer before you start prepping everything else, and save the onion for last. 30 min in the freezer will keep the onion from causing you to cry.

A couple tweaks I would make to this next time:
  • I wouldn't cook the potatoes as long (I cooked them about 10 min.) Her instructions just said until tender, and 10 min was tender. But then since you keep cooking the soup after you add the broccoli, the potatoes get mushy, and I don't like mushy potatoes. I like mush broccoli, LOL. So I would cook the potatoes less time before adding the final ingredients, so when I cook the broccoli longer, the potatoes aren't mush.
  • I would probably do a half cup of chopped onion. I like onion, and 1/4 c. doesn't do much.
  • Definitely need to add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Also, I would sharp cheddar. I like it to taste cheddar-y, and its not enough for me as it is.
Overall, worth my time, and I'm looking forward to it for lunch today.

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