Friday, September 12, 2014

Walk in her shoes

Were you a fan of either reality show "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills"? If so, you may have kept better tabs on what this gal has been up to than I have. I admit that I caught a few episodes of each (more of the latter than the former). Reality shows are my secret (from my husband) little guilty pleasure, because he thinks (and I think mostly rightly so) that there's no real redeeming social value to them. Which there isn't, but that's not why we watch them, is it? :)

Apparently Kristin Cavallari has teamed up with Chinese Laundry and has a shoe line. They're actually pretty cute (and I don't mean to sound surprised by that), and I'm a big fan of the d'Orsay style heel, and she has several. The collection looks like it would work in anyone's closet: classic styles that fit in an office, given extra character by the pattern and color, as well as several dressier "going out" styles, an some booties. Mules are a reviving style, and she has several here as well. And they're totally affordable. Cute AND affordable? What more could you ask for? ('Cept maybe the cute outfits she is wearing with them in this video?)

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