Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Royal Inspiration

I think its safe to say that, generally speaking, office/professional attire are not the most fun, fashionable pieces a girl has in her closet.  But for so many of us, they are the clothes we spend most of our lives in.  Every morning - actually beginning the night before - I try to figure out how to wear/style/assemble my outfit that I'm professional in appearance, yet youthful and feminine and even fun.  One of my new fashion inspirations in this regard is the Dutchess of Cambridge.

Clearly becoming a Dutchess does a wardrobe good.  She didn't have bad style before she got married, but her style now that she's officially a Mrs. has been flawless.  If you google "Kate Middleton Fashion Blooper", all you get are images of the wind blowing her skirt up almost too much.  If those are your only fashion bloopers and you live in the public eye as she does, you are doing very well.

What's so great about Kate's style is that we can all see ourselves wearing the same thing. She may have the ability to spend more than most of us, but her sensibility is classic and tasteful, and what really makes her look good is that everything fits her perfectly. And while she does have an enviable figure, even models can't wear everything right off the rack.  Buy a cheap dress but have it tailored to fit your body, and you will look more expensive than what you spent.

Kate has a way of making frumpy not-so-youthful pieces look youthful and lovely.  Some of the tweed and high-neck suits and dresses she has worn would make me feel like and old lady, but she doesn't look matronly in the slightest.

And of course, who doesn't want to be a princess for the gowns?  Don't we all wish we had lives where it warranted wearing beautiful dresses regularly? Kate has great taste picking the loveliest gowns. She really does look like a princess.

And can I just say I don't know why we don't wear hat/fascinators in the US the way they do in the UK?  It's a shame.

I'm working on filling my closet with my version of Kate style. Classic sheaths in a variety of colors, dresses and skirts of midi length, and well-fitting blazers and jeans.  And I will be making friends with a good tailor...

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